Laboratory & Radiology


We are able to perform a number of in-hospital laboratory tests as well as utilize different diagnostic labs across the country. There are a great range of lab services we offer from: urinalysis, histopathology, cultures to routine blood work-ups. Laboratory testing is a vital part of diagnosing and monitoring varying disease processes as well as ruling out any diseases.

Radiology (X-rays)

Radiology is an important diagnostic tool used here at Breadner Veterinary Services. It allows the Veterinarians to examine the size and placement of the heart, the lung lobes, abdominal organs as well as the bones and vertebrae of the body. Using radiology we are also able to perform contrast studies. Contrast studies are most useful when locating a foreign body in the intestines, but are also used to determine the size and position of the esophagus, as well as bladder abnormalities. X-rays are not only an important diagnostic tool for dogs and cats but also for the different exotic animals and pocket pets we see.