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Avian Care Library: 


Here are some helpful articles related to bird husbandry, to help make your bird’s life more enriched and healthy.  For more information about your avian friends’ needs, please connect with us at Breadner Veterinary Services!

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Balancing your Parrot’s Lifestyle

A helpful article on why birds need balance in their life. Especially balanced nutrition is an important cornerstone of care for your avian friends! 


Dietary Conversion 

A good article on effective ways to start getting your bird to eat healthy! 


Parrot Nutrition 

Long gone are the days when it was considered appropriate to feed pet parrots nothing but seeds and human food. Check this article out to find out why!


Signs of Illness or Disease in a Bird

As with any pet, it is important to recognize signs of injury, illness or disease in your pet bird. 


Feather Picking (Feather Destructive Behavior)

Feather picking is an all too common condition in pet bird population.