The hospital door is LOCKED to minimize transmission of CoVID19 virus.


Monday- Friday  8AM- 5:30PM

 Saturday          9AM- 4PM.


To Our Valued Clients,

We remain open during the COVID Pandemic. All procedures and visits are continuing as normal, except that our clients wait outside while we bring patients into the hospital for assessment and care.



When you call our office, you will be asked if you have any illness related to COVID, or if you are in social isolation for exposure. We may require modification to our protocol, based on your condition.


When you arrive at the hospital, please remain in your vehicle & call us at  250-652-9700


If you do not have a vehicle, please remain at least 2 meters (6 feet) from our front door, and 6 feet from any other clients that may be waiting, and call us at   250-652-9700.

Please DO NOT pat other people’s pets while waiting, even if those happy faces tempt you.


If you do not have a cell phone, please ring the doorbell on the right-hand side wall.



  • Please remain in your vehicle with your pet, and call our hospital. We will arrange one of our team to speak with you by phone to gather a history of your pet’s health concern.
  • Once ready, one of our team will come to your vehicle to bring your pet into our hospital to be seen by our doctors.
  • The Doctor will call you after the physical exam to review any procedures and treatments. Once they are finished, a receptionist will speak with you to process payment for fees.
  • We accept VISA and Mastercard. If you have neither of these, please review other options that may be available. We are not accepting cash payment at this time.
  • A team member will return your pet to you, with a copy of your invoice and any prescribed medications


For PICK UP Meds & Diets:

  • If you need food or medications for your pet, please call ahead and we will set it aside for you or place it on order.
  • For pick up, we will process your payment by credit card PRIOR to bringing out your order. Please remain 6 feet from our team member when they bring your supplies outside.
  • We will place your order and invoice on the ground or shelf beside the door, and step back to give you a 6 foot safety distance.
  • You may also access our new online store, MyVetStore.
  • Once registered, you may order and pay for your pet food supplies and toys, and have the option of them being delivered to you or picked up at our hospital.