Meet Our Team

We are a group of passionate, motivated, and dedicated individuals here to help you and your family. Meet the Breadner Veterinary Team!

Dr. Shelley Breadner


Shelley Breadner has faithfully served her patients as a veterinarian since 1983. She has learned every being, human and animal, has a reason for being here, and she is grateful for the opportunity to support them when they are in need.

Shelley’s philosophy has always been to provide care, all the while minimizing stress and anxiety in her patients. This is now recognized in the profession as “Fear Free” veterinary practice, and all of our employees partake in the Fear Free courses. Shelley extends this further by extending this philosophy to the pets’ guardians, as well as to the employees at Breadner Veterinary Services.

Beyond veterinary medicine, Shelley holds a keen interest for the wilderness, with involvement in hiking and back country camping. She has undertaken Agility with her little Blue Heeler, Tidge. Their goal is to find Grace on the course. "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast!"

Shelley has also become well known for her artistry. Several of her art pieces bestow the walls at Breadner Veterinary Services. Friends also await her stories and cluster of photos that follow her many adventures.

Dr. Emma Cope


Emma was born and raised in Vancouver, and while attending kindergarten made up her mind that the only career she wanted was that of a veterinarian. Her father, now retired, was a prominent OBGYN and gave her the love of surgery and medicine, although she found animals more endearing to fix! Dr Cope's path followed a degree from UBC and then Saskatoon for veterinary medicine. With her car pointing west after final exams, she found herself at Breadner Veterinary Services.

With two kids, her dog, Plum and many years later she is still passionate about her chosen career and her role at Breadner Veterinary Services. When Emma is not working or chasing her girls you'll find her bonding with her youthful Warmblood, Cashew.

Dr. Melanie Conard


Dr. Conard grew up in Alberta but fell in love with Victoria while completing her Bachelor of Science at the University of Victoria. After graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (Saskatoon) in 2002, she began her career in Calgary but soon found her way back to Vancouver Island.
Dr. Conard joined the team at Breadner Veterinary Services in March 2004. Working as a Veterinarian is a dream come true for her as it combines her love of animals with her passion for medicine. Dr. Conard has a special interest in internal medicine, dentistry and cardiology as well as the medicine of birds and other exotic species.

While not at the office, Melanie is a fierce competitor and highly ranked in outrigger paddling. Melanie and her partner share their lives with the intensely handsome and debonair Boone.


Registered Veterinary Technologist

Allison started her career with us through her practicum prior to graduation as a Veterinary Technologist. We have known of her tremendous progress through her career, and we are delighted to welcome her back to our team, bringing bundles of knowledge and experience. Allison is always calm, willing to smile, and ever present to ensure the well being of each patient she tends.

Allison brings her handsome sidekick, Gus Gus to work every day, and we have the pleasure of his happy greetings.

Outside of work, you can find Allison in her garden, tending her family of pets, cheering on her husband at running events, and being a solid supporter for the Victoria Humane Society, along with Gus.


Veterinary Technologist

Miguel is with our team on a part time basis, and comes with a wealth of knowledge and skills as a Veterinary Technologist. Ever professional, Miguel contributes to our team in many positive ways. He shares some Saturdays with us, for which we are tremendously appreciative.

Outside of work, Miguel has a busy life with his family, along with a full time career in another stream in our veterinary profession. He has found his passion with wilderness adventures, so you may see him somewhere on the back-country trails of this great island, or beyond!


Veterinary Technologist

Laura has an uncanny ability to know what needs to be done, who needs care and attention, and which doctor needs assistance, all before they know it themselves. Laura has many responsibilities at our hospital, and she shines doing all of them! She is completing her education as a Veterinary Technologist and continues to add to her role here at Breadner Vet Services. We are very proud of her achievements.

Laura can calm animals like no other ( including Dr. B? ) and their trust in her allows many procedures to be done without stress to all involved - people AND pets!
When she is not at the climbing gym, Laura can usually be found with a good book in hand. She always amazes us with her wealth of interests and the adventures she gets into!


Veterinary Receptionist

Bennett brings a jubilant attitude to work every day, and makes us all smile just by being here. Bennett is filled with kindness and patience, ever willing to assist people in understanding about their pet's care. Always with a dose of good cheer!
Bennett's creativity and care goes far beyond workplace, volunteering time to support others and bring fun to their lives, be they people or animals!


Veterinary Receptionist

Jenn is one of our great stabilizers, always knowing where everything is and what is happening inside our hospital. She may be quiet, but she is a real powerhouse , ever ready to help anyone who approaches her. We are so grateful to have her with us.

Away from work, Jenn and her husband surround themselves with their beautiful home and garden, and of course their gorgeous cats, Po and Shefu!


Veterinary Receptionist

Lindsay is a steady hand in the reception area. Lindsay plays a key role as Reception Team Lead, supporting her coworkers and the hospital. She is quiet yet confident, and is always willing to provide support to clients and patients. We love her laugh and presence at Breadner Veterinary Services.
Lindsay has a keen interest in health and nutrition, and is involved in studies outside of her work. She shares her life with her family, and her rescue dog Lupe. Lindsay and Lupe have made great strides with positive reinforcement behaviour methods, and we have seen Lupe grow to trust us more and be more at ease in her Canadian life, all thanks to Lindsay.


Veterinary Assistant

Rosie is always calm and steady, helping all the animals and their people to feel safe and comforted while here. She is quietly efficient, and gets things dome before you know it!
We love having her on our team and hearing her laugh!
Outside of work, Rosie likes to cuddle with little Rosie, her ferret. She also shares time with her beau and Mexican Mix, Beejee. They can often be found loving the outdoor life.


Veterinary Assistant

Diana is a great asset to our team, ever positive and eager to help out whereever needed. She has the sweetest smile, and is always there to assist and help make your pet comfortable during their visit here.

She leads an active life outside of work, and enjoys spending time with her family, including her sweet senior lab Juliette.


Veterinary Assistant

Morgan brings her enthusiastic approach to life to work with her every day. Always willing to provide a giggle and support to her teammates! She loves working with each little animal, giving comfort during their visits with us.

Away from work, Morgan can be found playing with her super busy cat, Saffy. The outdoors is also a great passion, and she can be found trying out new adventures just for the fun of it!


Veterinary Assistant

Quiet and steady, Kojel is one of the hardest workers we know! Ever ready to help out, Kojel helps tend the little ones that come to us for care.
On her own time, Kojel likes to explore new foods, share time with her family and friends, and get to know Victoria better and better as time goes on.


Veterinary Assistant

Breanna has landed in the veterinary field with both feet, her two little dogs along side her. She now has a new pupper to make things more exciting! Breanna brings a calm presence to the team, with wisdom beyond her years. She is our Vet Assist Team Lead, and we welcome her guidance every day.

Don't be fooled by that calm nature, Breanna is often up to great laughs and adventures when away from work. That being said, a book is never far from her side.


Hospital Care Assistant

Kelsie helps keep our hospital clean and organized, along with making sure we are always at the ready with supplies and lots of freshly folded towels and blankets. She has a soft spot for the animals, and she is our professional cuddler for any of the little (or big) ones that need extra comforting during their stay with us.

Say hello to her if you see her, and she will always greet you with a smile!

Outside of work, Kelsie enjoys time with family and relatives, stays physically active at the gym, and takes her family dog out for adventures. She's even been sky diving!