• Sep 06 2011

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    Five signs that your animal might be in pain

    In a world of ‘kill or be killed', even predatory animals have evolved to hide signs of pain. This sometimes makes it very difficult for us to tell when our furry or feathered companions are in…

  • Sep 06 2011

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    Rabies as a human health threat

    In August 2010, the Peruvian Health Ministry reported an outbreak of rabies in humans caused by bites from vampire bats. Vampire bats normally feed on blood from livestock or other animals, attacking…

  • Sep 01 2011

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    Ten Common Dog Myths

    1. Dogs don't need to be housebroken - they naturally know where to go. If they make a mess in the house, they should be punished. …

  • Jun 06 2011

    Remembering George

    June 3, 2011 was a sad day in our hospital. Our beloved resident cat George had been dealing with severe renal disease, among other things, and his health was steadily declining. So it was that the…

  • Jun 05 2011

    Dr. Conard's dog Boone turns 1!!

    On June 26th, Boone (Dr. Conard 's beloved puppy) celebrated his first birthday at the park with his best pals; Pacino the bulldog, Mobley the springer and Angus the airedale. He had a lovely time…

  • Aug 10 2010

    Weekly Staff Training

    Education and Training for Team Breadner! …