Dr. Shelley Breadner

BreadnerVS Dr Shelley Crop


Shelley Breadner has faithfully served her patients as a veterinarian since 1983. She has learned every being, human and animal, has a reason for being here, and she is grateful for the opportunity to support them when they are in need.

Shelley’s philosophy is to provide care and relieve stress in her patients. This philosophy is extended to the pets’ guardians, as well as to the staff at Breadner Veterinary Services.

Shelley’s medical interests extend across a wide range of topics. For many years she practiced equine medicine alongside small animal medicine and surgery. Currently under her guidance, the practice attends to dogs, cats, small mammals, birds and exotic pets such as reptiles and amphibians. Behavioural medicine and management has become a focus in her practice, expanding the concern that animals live a life of comfort with minimal anxiety.

Beyond veterinary medicine, Shelley holds a keen interest for the wilderness, with involvement in hiking, back country camping and kayaking. Shelley can be seen hiking or cycling about the peninsula, with canine companion Gincee in tow. If you see her rolling about on the roadways, be sure to wave!

Shelley has also become well known for her artistry. Several of her art pieces bestow the walls at Breadner Veterinary Services. Friends also await her cluster of photos that follow her many adventures into the wilds.