George was born May 7, 1997, and was a part of the Breadner Veterinary Services family for 13 years. From a rambunctious young cat who loved to meet and greet fellow furry companions (Golden Retrievers were his favourite friends) and get into cookie jars when no one was looking, we watched him grow into a senior citizen – who still loved to get into cookie jars, even when we were looking! Sadly on June 3, 2011, after battling severe renal disease and with steadily declining health, the heartbreaking decision was made to let him go and be free from any further pain.

There were many who loved George and he will be dearly missed. He leaves us with very fond memories, many stories, and lots of love in our hearts. He is gone, but not forgotten.

Visit George’s memorial page in the Photo Gallery section for more photos of our beloved companion.