Behaviour Management with Dr. Breadner

The Consultation Process:

Dr. Breadner has been a behavior consultant working with dogs, cats, birds and people since 1996. Help is available for all types of behavior problems including repetitive (compulsive) behaviours, aggression, phobias and general fearfulness, separation anxiety, inappropriate urination, destructive behaviours, territorialism, interpet conflict and many more. Consultations involve in depth history-taking, temperament assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, discussion of behavior modification and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Visits typically last two hours, but complex cases can take longer. Follow-up consultations are conducted by phone or in person. All consultations are invoiced as a per time basis. (i.e. 1 hour and 45 minutes or 2 hours, etc). Cases involving aggression (biting etc.) cannot be conducted by phone.

Please call our office to discuss bookings & consult fees. Please note that Dr. Breadner is currently not accepting new behaviour patients.

What does the initial consult include?

  • All consultations include the initial appointment, advice in the form of an individual outline, appropriate written handouts and exercises, as well as follow up support within 6 months.
  • You will receive an emailed outline from Dr Breadner that details what was discussed in your consultation to use as a guideline to your progress.
  • We will request a written follow up report from you approximately one month after your initial consultation.
  • We will then schedule a follow up consultation with yourself and Dr Breadner. This is included as a part of the original fee.
  • Again at 3 months we will request a report and schedule a follow up with Dr Breadner, also included in the original fee.
  • If you have been referred to us by your veterinarian, we will forward all information to them for your pet’s file. Referring a case demonstrates that your veterinarian wishes for your pet to benefit from Dr Breadner’s evaluation. We cannot accept referred clients for regular veterinary treatments other than behaviour issues in this case.
  • If you have been referred by your veterinarian, all information will be provided to them to update their medical records.

The Question of Medication:

Not every anxious or fearful pet requires medication and medication is only helpful when it is being used in conjunction with behaviour modification. If Dr Breadner deems your pet a candidate for medication, she has extensive experience with the different drug families and can prescribe what medication is appropriate on a per case basis. Any long term medication for behaviour management will involve a review by Dr. Breadner on an annual basis. A separate fee will apply to these cases. Lab tests are required prior to treatment with medications and every six to twelve months while on medication. These requirements may vary depending on the case and the pet.