May 26 2017

It’s Allergy Season!

pug in flowers

Everything is out in full bloom, and beautiful. For those of us with allergies the beauty of this time of year can be dampened by the number of allergens in the air unfortunately! Humans aren’t the only ones to suffer from allergies – did you know that your pet can have allergies too? Environmental allergies are a huge issue that we see this time of year, and we have some tips for preventing a flare-up before it happens!

-          Have your pet wear a t-shirt while outside, to prevent allergens from contact with their skin.

-          Wipe down faces, paws, and coats with a clean micro-fibre cloth after each outing to remove pollen and other allergens.

-          Avoid long grassy areas, or freshly mown lawns.

-          Bathe regularly to remove allergens – there are a variety of shampoos available to calm sensitive skin, contact us to find out more.

Still itchy? Call us! We are here to help.


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