BreadnerVS Dr Emma Crop

Dr. Emma Cope


Emma was born and raised in Vancouver, and while attending kindergarten made up her mind…
BreadnerVS Dr Melanie Crop

Dr. Melanie Conard


Dr. Conard grew up in Alberta but fell in love with Victoria while completing her…
BreadnerVS Dr Shelley Crop

Dr. Shelley Breadner


Shelley Breadner has faithfully served her patients as a veterinarian since 1983. She has learned…

Veterinary Technologists

BreadnerVS VT Jodi4(113)

Jody - Registered Veterinary Technologist

Registered Veterinary Technician

Jody has been a wonderful addition to our veterinary care team. Jody has a great…
BreadnerVS VT Michelle3(59)

Michelle - Registered Veterinary Technologist

Registered Veterinary Technician

Michelle has enjoyed being an employee of Breadner Veterinary Services for an uncountable number of…
BreadnerVS VT Poch1(37)

Poch - Veterinary Technologist

Veterinary Technologist

Poch rounds out our Veterinary Technologist team, in a positive way. He has a wealth…

Reception: Client Care Specialists

BreadnerVS R Cait4(177)

Cait - Client Care Specialist

Cait has an amazing way of making everyone feel welcome at Breadner Veterinary Services. Her…
BreadnerVS R Lindsay3-1

Lindsay - Client Care Specialist

Lindsay is a steady hand in the reception area. She wakes us up early Monday…
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Shea - Client Care Specialist

Shea is a wonderful addition to our reception team. She recently made the move to…

Veterinary Assistants

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Diana - Veterinary Assistant

Diana joined our team last August. She has the sweetest smile, and is always there…
BreadnerVS R Kim4(153)

Kim - Veterinary Assistant

Kim LOVES her job! And it shows! She strives to do her best every day,…
BreadnerVS VA Laura4(69)

Laura - Veterinary Assistant

Laura has an uncanny ability to know what needs to be done, who needs cared…

Animal Supervisors

Boone 06-07-2013


Entertainment is Boone's greatest talent. He is forever making his mom laugh, along with the…


Gincee is Miss Exuberant! She loves to play frisbee, stick, run, swim and explore! She…


Zelda is a social butterfly! She loves people, and she loves greeting them as they…

Past PURR-formers



George was born May 7, 1997, and was a part of the Breadner Veterinary Services…